Request for Quote – Architecture

Request for Quote – Architecture


At CAS, we offer different types of engineering services including most architectural, interior, structural, and MEP designs. Each project is unique in the amount of time and energy put into its completion. By filling your Request for Quote questionnaire, we can provide the most suitable solution according to your request and quickly move forward in the project procedures.

1. Is your project a redesign of an existing building?

2. Size of area in need of a new design:

3. Design ideas:

If there are any buildings or specific styles you like in terms of design, structure, functionality, please describe or list the website addresses below:

4. Types of building concerning this design project:

5. Types of service expected:

6. Your desired design & interest:

The client is the best person to help her/his architect to develop the right desired design. Though you may not know the correct terms or perhaps you’re afraid of how big a fantasy your ideal building could be; don’t hesitate just start by simple descriptions and explanations then we’ll move forward step by step.

Please describe your project in more detail (an extensive description will help you get a better quote)

7. Ownership status of the property involved:

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