Olaya Hotel Interior Design

Olaya Hotel Exterior and Interior Design

Location: Al Khobar, KSA
Scope of services: Exterior Design, Interior Design and Decoration
Date: December 2014
Client: VITAX Hospitality Development Services Limited

Hotel Olaya lies in the heart of Al Khobar, KSA, and features a fine cocktail of neutral-hued elegance combined with an understated beauty. The client, Mazen Aizouki – who’s a connoisseur and entrepreneur of fine hospitality buildings himself – wanted to create a harmonious interior ambiance, and CAS designers rose up to the challenge by coming up with excellent context based ideas. The Olaya Hotel interior design was an extensive project, but CAS provided relevant, contextual and highly pertinent solutions for its designs.

Just like its city of Al Khobar, the Olaya Hotel interior design itself is a construction of modernity and tradition. You can sense it as soon as you enter the lobby – which boasts a spacious entrance lined with an attractive focal light fixture and gleaming floors that emulate the classic elegance of marble in a modern articulations. The tall ceilings and doors lining each side of the lobby evoke a sense of grandness without ever compromising the modishness of the aesthetic. Just stepping inside is like entering a whole new world that is the perfect blend of Saudi tradition and welcoming modernity.

The reception and adjoined waiting area carry on the continuity of the theme. From the selection of the furniture to the designing of the floor patterns, tall scenic-windows and even the design of the elevator panels – each and every detail of this project has been lovingly executed. The Olaya Hotel interior design has a dichotomous ambiance that is at once infinitely stylish, welcoming and understated in its execution.

The restaurant and the bar of the Olaya Hotel interior design has a neutral color scheme that has been artfully complemented with beautiful lighting accents. The result is a warm, comfortable and stimulating ambiance that never fails to attract the guests inside. The warm wooden accents, coupled with the beautiful lighting are a sight for sore eyes.

Of course, entertainment and fitness are top priorities for a well-rounded hotel design, and Olaya is no exception. The pool and spa areas have been designed to evoke a comfortable and energetic environment. The relaxing color palate was chosen specifically to soothe the guests’ psyche while stimulating them to either relax or work out comfortably at the same time. This part of the Olaya Hotel interior design has been more strategic and challenging to design than the rest of the spaces. That is mostly because it takes a lot of ambient maneuvering to help the guests relax or stimulate them to work out.

The public facilities for the Olaya Hotel interior design are very officious but have been designed in a casual style. Of course, there is a small element of formality that has been strategically introduced by the contextual furniture, but the overall ambiance remains low-key. All the offices, conference rooms, corridors and even the internet café have been designed in a very pragmatic manner.

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