Olaya Hotel Exterior and Interior Design

Olaya Hotel Exterior and Interior Design

Olaya Hotel Exterior and Interior Design

Location: Al Khobar, KSA
Scope of services: Exterior Design/ Interior Design and Decoration
Date: December 2014
Client: VITAX Hospitality Development Services Limited

The four facades of Hotel Olaya, which are completely visible from all sides, leave their mark on this bustling city.
A belt of decorative grille surrounds the main building, creating a beautiful sight with the glass walls of the lobby and the tall windows in the upper floors.
The interior design is modern and simple yet high class and luxurious. The Entrance is set back a bit from the main crossing welcoming guests inside. The glossy stone flooring gracefully reflects the modern hanging lights in the entrance and gives the large entrance hall a magical feel. The glass walls of the café and the lobby connect the interior space to the city scene outside. The lobby, café and restaurant sit on the first floor of the hotel while the guestrooms are arranged on the upper floors.

About the client

VITAX Enterprise LLC is a development services company focusing on hospitality sector. VITAX support their individual clients and provide development service that range from site selection to the opening day of their project.
VITAX founded in 2012 in Warsaw, Poland, affiliated with several international specialist partners in hospitality development services and hotel management, their team has more than 30 years in hospitality field.
VITAX team has diverse experience in hotel management, project management, consulting, engineering and interior design.
They serve investors in developing their independent hotel projects to fit local and international code of hospitality based on property size and type of service, they manage independent properties and branded properties with their partnership with selective international franchisors.


Mazen Aizouki, the General Manager at Vitax Enterprise Sp. z.o.o, has collaborated in building various hotels and hospitality buildings and was looking for a consultant for the interior and exterior design of Hotel Olaya which was under construction at the time. As a first experience with CAS engineers, he divided the project into two parts; the hotel exterior design and the hotel interior design and decoration.
The second phase involved the design of the entrance, reception, lobby, restaurant, and the pool area and spa at ground level. In designing the suits, the main challenge was drawing out four different designs for two suits and two studios. CAS engineers designed four completely different designs for these rooms.
The principal design challenge was the relationship between the units and the interior and exterior spaces.
This was an attempt to design a luxury hotel to attract foreigners, as well as a hotel that would withstand the hot KSA climate.

Hotel Exterior and Interior Design--46
Hotel Exterior and Interior Design 43
Hotel Exterior and Interior Design 45
Hotel Exterior and Interior Design 44


The plan for the exterior design consisted of a modern mixture of white and black marble with tall windows which provide a perfect view for the lobby and the lower floors. A belt of mosaic shapes straddle the building giving it a modern Islamic look.
For the hotel interior design, we used building materials native to the region to give the contractors easier access for the construction. At the same time, we wanted to preserve the splendor, delicacy and simplicity in our designs.
Crème and grey colored stone, clear glass walls, transparent and glossy surfaces were used to create a spacious and chic look for the interior.
For the four suites, we used four different color combinations and approaches in the design of the walls, flooring, ceiling and lighting and the result were rooms that were cozy, yet chic.

Mazen Aizouki

The ability to reach client’s satisfaction when it comes to concept creation and the talent in adopting ideas and employee them is what makes comelite my preferred architect office to work with.

Mazen Aizouki,


At ground level, CAS architects designed another glass façade that created light patterns when filtered into the hotel lobby.
We achieved a tranquil and attractive feel with a touch of harmony in the hotel interior and exterior design inspired from modern Islamic architecture.

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