Modern Islamic Home Interior Design

Modern Islamic Home Interior Design

Location: Muscat, Oman
Scope of services: Interior Design and Decoration
Date: October 2017

Do you, like most people in the Middle East, want to maintain the Islamic culture? This is a genuine aspiration, and of course, it does not have to dissociate us from today’s modern world. With some creativity and innovation, these two styles can be combined in a nostalgic sense in a modern Islamic home interior design, offering the dynamics of today’s world with the confidence of the past for you and your family.

This was an experience at Suleiman al-Amri’s house in Oman. This house is designed in the modern Islamic style.

The entrance boasts a hot golden accent, inviting you inside. Pale marble flooring reflects the golden warmth and augments space. To the right is a display of Islamic style in the form of decorative lanterns on the wall. On the other side, tall, narrow window slots with sharp lines add a modern sense of expression to enhance the modern Islamic home interior design. The ceiling’s circular design creates warmth and intimacy. Hidden lights on the ceiling also illuminate the space. The focal point of the entry is the staircase, designed in a completely modern fashion, and to introduce the Islamic touch, CAS added an Islamic pattern to the railing.

The majlis, which is the most important public area, we added a sense of formalism by adding a luxury theme. The Islamic arches and the lights on the ceiling and the walls give a special beauty to the environment. Symmetry is one of the main elements of the traditional style used in this room, while we see the simplicity of modernism as well. The turquoise accents also offer a special spiritual atmosphere to the modern Islamic home interior design.

In the family room, we again see the Islamic arches. These arcs define the nature of the design, which, when repeated in different parts of the house, provide a steady identity throughout. The large family hall is separated into two rooms by the same three Islamic arcs in the middle, forming the focal point of the design.

The same style is employed in the master bedroom, with the arc positioned on the back wall of the bed, otherwise designed with straight, definitive lines for the wooden furniture and gold accents for materials. The dropped ceiling is embedded with hidden lights to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

The kitchen looks completely modern at first glance, but the intricate patterns of the tiles on the table represent the modern Islamic style. The wooden cabinets at the bottom and the white cabinets above also retain the design’s contrast.

In designing this house, CAS has created a new style combining two completely different styles, proving a feast for the eyes. Today, the modern Islamic style should be boosted as a new innovation in the Middle East, and CAS can have the honor to assist you as the architect and interior designer for your modern Islamic home interior design.

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