Modern Classic Villa Interior Design

Modern Classic Villa Interior Design

Location: Riyadh, KSA
Scope of services: Interior Design
Date: March 2017

This exquisite villa interior, created by CAS designer Deniz Kaya, displays classical elegance in chic high-quality materials with a collection of textures and colors that dapple the rooms with unique taste and style.

To design the interior of a house for a family with an Eastern culture, you would have to have a clear knowledge of the Arabic-Islamic culture. You have to consider family space for when the family spends family time together and other rooms for when they have guests over.

The house was modern, mixed with a classic style with some accents of Islamic architecture built in a newly constructed area in Saudi Arabia. So it was a challenge to mix all these styles together.

The exterior was designed by a local company and we had to keep the exterior design. The house consisted of a small front porch, an interior pool, a women’s lounge, an entrance, a dining area, a men’s lounge and a family area upstairs.

CAS designers divided the project into smaller sections in order to reach a design fully compatible with the client’s wishes.

Our suggested design started from the small front porch. We then worked on the covered car parking and the living room from which the porch and pool could be seen. We also worked on the landscape lighting to give the building a majestic shine at nights.

The entrance has a touch of the contemporary with Islamic architecture and also has a dressing room and an area for shoes in the built-in closet. We made the small hall look larger by adding a large mirror in front of the entrance door.

The women’s and men’s lounges are accessible though the entrance. On the left is the women’s lounge designed with grey furniture. The room also has a great view of the pool through the large windows.

Gentle lights shine into the pool from the roof. A few simple straw furniture fill the area around the pool. There is also a fireplace and TV next to the pool which can be used as a sitting area.

The client wanted a pool garden so we added a small space lined up with the walls of the garden.

On the right is the dining room. The wall decorations are the main feature in this room. We had to use a square table because of the square shape of the room. For an Arab family, known for their hospitality, we had to consider more than enough chairs around the table, therefore we suggested a table with 14 chairs around it.

The men’s lounge is a special feature in Arab homes. CAS designers used laser-cut screens to separate the hall from the men’s lounge. A number of built-in closets were also suggested in the design for this room.

We also wanted to put as many chairs and sofas as we could in the men’s lounge and also a view of the surroundings. The most prominent feature of this room is the lighting on the walls and ceiling.

The private family area is upstairs. The stairs leading to this room have a modern classic design. Long crème colored drapes, a simple chandelier, and a number wall paintings are the main attractions of this area.

The most important room in the house, or as our client likes to call it, “the heart of the house”, is the living room and family area. All the bedrooms lead to this room. There is also a separate kitchen in this area. The focal point of the family area is the fireplace and the wall behind it covered with dark natural stones which adds a taste of nature.

The TV is next to the fireplace with the other furniture facing the TV. All the crevices in the walls can be used for bookshelves and other trinkets.

Our client wanted comfortable, yet not too slack furniture for the living room.

The design concept for this modern classic villa is in fact driven by the flexible mix of elements, including a variety of natural stone, ebony veneer, wood painting, imported leather, imported Italian tiles, gray and tea mirror, in order to show the contrast between the extraordinary and the delicate. The local dotted gray mirror and tea mirror reflect high construction elements, while the luxury leather and expensive fabrics give the feeling of luxury and elegance. These two factors draw the scheme together in a modern classic demonstration.

Sparkling chandeliers and hidden lights are a key element of the rooms’ sophisticated look.

Decoratively edged high shine percaline floors guide a glossy trail through the home, resulting in a seamless and expensive look, and provides a clean backdrop over which the soft artistic essence of contemporary fashion trends can converge.

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