Modern Arabic House Design

Modern Arabic House Design

Location: Basra, Iraq
Scope of services: Conceptual design, interior design, landscape design
Date: January 2017
Client: Hazim Al-Saiwan, Owner of SIFCO Group

The two-story house is spread out horizontally in harmony with the Arabic culture of modesty. The horizontal metal banisters give the garden a moderate tranquil look, drawing attention to its neatly placed trees and shrubs.

For the exterior of the modern Arabic house design, it was a challenge to create a design that would blend in with the local architecture and at the same time, have the modern and simple look that the client wanted. After three tries, we were finally able to design the ideal home for the client.

Designing the landscape was in itself a challenge because of the limitations in the variety of plants due to the very hot and dry Iraqi climate.

The wooden structure attached to the house is a suitable parking space for cars on hot summer days. We chose a cube shape for the house to fully comply with the warm climate of the region. We also insert the large windows in the main building so that while giving the house a great view of the neat garden, it will also provide a shade and prevent the extreme summer sun and heat from coming inside.

Delivering a modern yet Islamic Arabic design was the most important part of the plan. The design started from the water fountain leaning on the exterior wall of the house to the living room and the barbeque area behind the house. The guest space has been separated from the private family space.

The family living area is located in the upper floor with the access stairs not in the heart of the house, but rather in the middle of the private area so that the privacy of the family is respected. This is one of the most important aspects of an Islamic home.

The upper floor terraces join the southern bedrooms to the outside environment. In this way, we followed the principle of privacy in Arab Islamic architecture limiting direct view into the private bedrooms.

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