Kid’s Indoor Playground Design

Kid’s Indoor Playground Design

Kid’s Indoor Playground Design

Location: Riyadh, KSA
Scope of services: Architectural Design, Interior Design, and Decoration
Date: January 2017
Client: Maged El Naggar, Chief Executive Officer at MAG Leisure

Designing a play area for children is a mix of architecture and psychology. It’s important to use colors, elements and symbols that kids can relate to which will also motivate and excite them.

We were entrusted with a small 390 square meters area inside a business recreation complex in Saudi Arabia. The area was to be allocated to a children’s playground. Choosing the best color combo was the first order of duty. Our designers suggested a rainbow theme combination and a candy theme combination to the client. We finally decided to go with the candy theme after close consultation with our client and used a limited number of colors including light pink, blue and white. We then started the space planning to create a practical layout plan for the areas which included a playground, party room, small office, an entrance and exit and a small shop area close to the entrance. Of course the main area was the playground and the other rooms were arranged around it.


This was the first time we wanted to design a playground therefore we have to initially education ourselves about children’s needs, colors they would like, attractive features and also safety issues. As a result, we created a coherent schedule and started the design knowing from the very beginning what we wanted to achieve.
We knew that children’s safety was ultimately as important if not more important than the fun and comfortable atmosphere of the playground.


We made sure to include all the design and furniture details in the 3D visualizations thus achieving the look and feel that our client wanted.
In following the candy theme, we decked the entrance with large lollypops. Children were invited into the area with separated colorful tiles. The shop was placed in the entrance to act as a business center.
The toddler’s playground was placed in the middle of the area in the semi open center. The canopies decorating the Kids’ Barber Shop and Party Room created a cartoon style candy shop look, stirring the imagination of the little ones.
For the main attraction, which was the playground, we put large slides and spiral slides in an L-shaped area.
We covered the whole floor with fun colorful puzzle foams to assure children’s safety when running around and to soften their falls.
Colorful glass windows were used on the outer walls to invite passersby inside and to allow some sunlight into the playground.


Today’s parents are looking for a safe, fun and affordable environment to take their families.
This is what we achieved at CAS, providing a high quality, creative, affordable and flexible kids’ indoor playground.

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