Crepe Bechamel Restaurant Interior Design

Crepe Bechamel Restaurant Interior Design

Location: Doha, Qatar
Scope of services: Interior Design and Branding
Date: July 2016
Client: Walid Hamed, Co-founder of Crepe Bechamel- Marketing Manager at Vogue Hospitality

The Crepe Bechamel Restaurant interior design, blending tradition with a modern style, serves with its new fresh look.

The first thing that catches your eye is the well-crafted designs of the overall dinner topping its elegant tones of glittering brown and Marengo, the deep, warm tone of the Arabian horse.

One of the challenges that Walid faced was choosing a suitable location for the first branch of Crepe Bechamel.

He had a number of options but was able to find the most suitable location with the help of CAS consultants. The location had a great view of the Pearl and sat in a completely newly built area in the middle of the Arabian culture. CAS consultants also suggested a location that had a greater leisure and cultural environment where travelers would dwell for a few hours to enjoy the calm and serenity.

After choosing the perfect location and using Superb French Chef, it was time to design the Arabian restaurant with a touch of elegance and modernity. CAS architects who had worked with him in other departments rushed to his aid for the design.

The first thing that catches your eye is the well-crafted designs of the overall diner topping its elegant tones of glittering brown and Marengo (the deep, warm tone of the Arabian horse).

The glamorous lighting of the restaurant varnishes the interior color and textures at every corner.

Furniture is ordered applicably with a contemporary touch, exposing an open and refreshing atmosphere for fine dining.

The counter is copper cladding to match the lighting and give off an Arabic feel with stools planted in front of it for a pleasurable drink.

Pre-fabricated rectangles hanging from the ceiling provide an elegant décor complementing the relaxing brown atmosphere.

The restaurant windows, complete with slim borders, look out to the Marsa Canal running through the Pearl allowing you to dine while enjoying the breathtaking view.

The built-in sofa presents a cozy and casual attraction for those wanting to stay longer. The classy cream style is the finest touch to complete this interior set.

Highlighting the seating areas are the tiled carpet size flooring under the Acer bar completing our design while the artistic partitions enhance the dining spaces.

The customer also requested a complete branding package. The restaurant was inspired by European restaurants, and with the main dish being creped, the logo displayed that. The color theme also makes the crepe stand out. Our graphic designers consulted the interior designers to come up with one idea which would incorporate both the interior design and graphic design for the logo, take away boxes, and the waitress uniforms among other things. The branding was a full package.

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