Pop-Up Shipping Container Café

Pop-Up Shipping Container Café

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To understand the Pop-Up Shipping Container Café, you have to first acquaint yourself with the trend of a pop-up business. A pop-up business is a new contemporary trend that entails the short-term set-up of a small business venture that features a retail event for a small period of time. A pop-up business can be challenging to set up – even temporary shelters are hard to develop on a specific theme. They are even harder to dismantle. Within context of architecture, a pop-up retail is a temporary utilization of a physical space to create a long lasting impression on a potential customer base. “Here today, gone tomorrow,” is the tagline, but if done right it can definitely create an increment in your potential business.

Mobile Containers and the café business:

The industry that has benefitted most from the pop-up business trend is the restaurant business – hence the Pop-Up Shipping Container Café. While street carts and vending have been a timeless and effective foodie venture, the contemporary world has modified this concept slightly. Now, entrepreneurs, chefs and restaurateurs are using the pop-up method to promote their eateries in a temporary but effective way. To add uniqueness and more credibility to their venture, these pop-up eateries are being constructed with converted shipping containers. The major benefit of this conversion is the ‘mobile’ aspect along with a credible interior space within a temporary structure.

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The Pop-Up Shipping Container Café by CAS:

The Pop-Up Shipping Container Café designed by CAS is a double story eatery. It has been constructed with recycled, converted shipping containers stacked one on top of the other. The elevation retains the corrugated texture of the containers but is painted in approved finishes. This pop-up container café has been specifically designed to keep up with the rising ‘foodie love’ and mobile business promotion tactics.

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The Interior of the Converted Café Container:

Like all good pop-up businesses, the Shipping Container Café by CAS has been carefully designed to integrate several architectural and interior aspects. These are all done within the bounds of the converted containers. The inside of this café is all glammed up in a chic, sophisticated way. The matching furniture would be available on order, and with a special package, you could get your graphics and branding done all within a neatly packaged and cost-effective budget. The Pop-Up Shipping Container Café is a small but successful venture that will definitely open up your specific brand to more potential customers.

Benefits of the Converted Container Café:

Container construction is a cost-effective and eco-friendly way of delving in architecture. It is lightweight, easy to assemble as well as disassemble. The dimensions of a container are excellently matched to the context of a café, and the overall aspect of easy mobility is an attractive add-on.

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The Pop-Up Shipping Container Café is a unique translation of this recent trend, and the culmination of both interior design and architecture lends it’s mobility a plausible credibility that will appeal to all start-up entrepreneurs.

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