Modern Arabic Interior Style

Modern Arabic Interior Style

Arabian architecture and interior designs cover many of the Mediterranean styles such as Greek, French, Spanish, and Italian and …. You can also find Arabic influences in Moroccan interiors, the style most closely associated with an Arabian style.
Islamic culture plays an important role in both Moroccan and Arabic design. Also Modern Arabic interior style has the minimalist look of a European and American design.

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Furniture in Arabic interior style:

Furniture was rarely used in traditional Arabic culture, and mostly consisted of low-profile seating to store clothing, textiles and other personal items. “Sofa” comes from the Arabic word “suffah,” It means bench. Food and drink was served on brass or copper plates. Wood furniture is typically elaborated with complexly carved geometric designs.
Arabic furniture includes chests, chairs and sofas, typical, small polygonal end tables, panels, divider screens, carved doors, Koran boxes and stands.k.

Modern Arabic interior style 2

Colors in Arabic modern interior design:

An Arabian color palette can be as various. Warm colors and warm neutrals are public. Cool colors, such as turquoise and sparkling of emerald green, are also very common.
A brighter shade can be used, such as dark orange or Moroccan red. Other colors to consider: beige, wheat, chocolate brown, cinnamon, crimson, curry, gold, coral, salmon, rust, plum and navy.

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One of the most important features in Arabic decorating is the use of interesting textiles with a rich variety of patterns and textures…. Persian rugs, pillows, floor cushions, wall tapestries, hallway runners and curtains.
Mix patterns with narrow and wide strips, Arabic lettering and various geometric designs. You can also consider furbelow and knot to pillows and curtains.
One of the most important challenges is to merge a modern design with Arabic culture… You should just try to consider the bridge between simplicity and luxuriousness… Using harmonious colors, plain patterns while you save the Arabic culture help you to have a modern Arabic style.

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