Hotel Interior Design

Hotel Interior Design

There are many facets of design that need to be considered for a hotel interior design, but we at CAS are exceptionally well-versed in the knowledge of all hotel typologies. There are several categories of hotel design, including 5-star, boutique and standard 3-star, and so our team designs interiors that reflect the best image of that specific genre of hotels within the specified design and aesthetic constraints.

Hotel interior design is further divided into sections that run the gamut from public to private zones. The public zones – including the lobby, the reception and waiting – need to make an impression in order to leave a mark on the client, so the interiors we design for these spaces are a soft mix between contemporary and grand. We know just how to stimulate the psyche of a guest through a carefully designed public space interior, and how to carry that atmosphere to comfort within the privacy of a hotel bedroom.

Designing interiors for a hotel bedroom requires a completely different mindset on just how to categorize space and aesthetics within each type of a hotel room – be it a single, double, twin or suite design. Our designers know how to concoct the perfect interior design layout for all sizes of rooms and how to embellish them with relevant interior highlights that would leave an impression on the guest. Of course, there are also themes to consider, and that is where our designers excel – in deriving a harmony between an interior theme and its layout.

Overall, hotel interior design is a fine culmination of grand ideas and careful design implementation within all spaces, which needs a special team to achieve.

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