Educational Interior Design

Educational Interior Design

The interior design of educational institutes revolves more around functionality and pragmatism, but we know just how to add a bit of panache to these dreary utilitarian aspects.

From kindergarten, primary and secondary educational institutes to high school, colleges and university, there is a diversity in educational institutes that requires a firm knowledge of all logical aspects of these spaces. Our designers know that the kindergarten needs to have mellifluous and child friendly interiors sans all sharp edges and hazards, but we are also well aware that a university lecture room requires no frou-frou accoutrements in its interior design.

Educational interior design requires a firm knowledge of all technological advancements that need to be incorporated in classroom and communal spaces. These days, visual communication methods are far more advanced and generalized than before, so much so that even kindergartens have projectors in the classroom space. We know how to integrate this technological upgrade with the ambiance of the classroom interior without compromising any aesthetics.

All educational institutions need public hubs such as cafeterias and auditoriums. Both of these aspects differ in aesthetics as well as functionality. Our team has a sound knowledge of all the visual and auditory technicalities that go into designing auditorium interiors, as well as the applied techniques that need to be considered while designing the seating space or the circulation and eatery of the cafeteria interior.

Our team knows that the ambiance of an educational institute can determine the efficiency and psychology of the students, so we design these interiors while keeping in mind the impact of the atmosphere on students and staff alike. We respect the psychology and structure of educational spaces – be they chic and sophisticated a la higher education institutes, or colorful and friendly a la general schools – and design the interiors accordingly.

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