Author: Violet Rallis

5 Essential Tips You Should Know About Ergonomic Restaurant Interior Design

I think that in order to fully understand ergonomic restaurant interior design, you first have to know what ‘ergonomic’ actually means. It means the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment. It’s basically a complicated term for ‘user-friendly.’ Therefore, an ergonomic restaurant interior design is where aesthetics are secondary to function. It is designed [...]
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7 Office Design Strategies That Will Turn Your Office into Your Employees’ Favorite Place to Be

Nowadays, people spend more time in their office than their homes. No wonder modern office designs have been evolving over the last decade. The latest office design strategies are focused on making nice, interactive and technologically advanced spaces for workers. They are designed to have a more relaxing atmosphere enabling employees to give it their […]

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Modern Arabic Interior Style

Arabian architecture and interior designs cover many of the Mediterranean styles such as Greek, French, Spanish, and Italian and …. You can also find Arabic influences in Moroccan interiors, the style most closely associated with an Arabian style. Islamic culture plays an important role in both Moroccan and Arabic design. Also Modern Arabic interior style […]

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