Cost of Services

Cost of Services

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Interior design cost

You will be able to fully evaluate your future interior before beginning any construction works. You will receive a designed project in a packet with 3d visualizations of the space from different viewpoints and all needed drawings with it.

A group of architects and designers takes care of everything, from concept to documentation. This process has two basic phases. Various solutions for interior layouts (up to two options)



Developing the planning and programming the spaces; Functional spaces for dining, entertaining, sleeping, reading, dressing, bathing etc. and how to utilize the space and layout the furniture.



This is a critical phase in the interior design process. We’ll use our expertise, experience, and imagination to come up with something that we think speaks to your style solves your design problems. It includes scheme design or mood boards to show up a collections of ideas for walls, ceiling, lights and floors in terms of materials, color and furniture. We have various style options and color schemes (up to 1-2 options)

We will also give you an interior visualization made with 3D Studio Max (one or two views for each space)


1. Drawings with dimensions and engineering elements
2. Proposed floor plans
3. Demolition and removal plans
4. Furniture layout plan (loose furniture/ built-in furniture)
5. Flooring plan and material schedules
6. Ceiling plan
7. Lighting and outlets layout
8. Ceiling construction detailing
9. Door and windows schedule
10. Interior wall elevation and detailed sections of built-in decorative elements
TIMELINE From 5 to 10 working weeks
COST Starting at $50/м2 (depending on documentation package volume)

Architecture cost

We design different buildings such as in the residential, commercial, retail, community, official, educational and hospitality sectors. We also do landscape design.
A group of architects and designers takes care of everything, from concept to documentation. This process has three basic phases.


Development of the project’s proposal in accordance with specifications and client’s wishes. Preparation of documentation package for further coordination with the customer including the site plan, floor plans, 3D visualizations, elevations.


Formation of a set of documents:

  • Master Site Plan
  • Floor Plans
  • Elevations
  • Exterior Renderings


Package of documents and drawings with specifications for construction details and materials.

Mechanical: heating and cooling plans, duct layouts, mechanical layout, material and equipment list.

MP Master plan
A Architecture: Exterior elevations, building envelope with material details, floor plans, sections
S Structural: reinforced concrete constructions, foundations, flooring slabs, stair construction.
FF Furniture and furnishings.
P Plumbing: plan of plumbing pipes, plumbing fixture layouts.
E Electrical: plans for electrical outlets, fixtures, and switches layouts.
TIMELINE 4 to 10 working weeks ( depending on project’s complexity)
COST Starting, at $20/м2 ( depending on documentation package volume)