8 Basics of Scandinavian Style Interior Design

8 Basics of Scandinavian Style Interior Design

The Scandinavian style originates from Nordic roots and expresses a soft, muted interior palate. This style is most characterized by an elegant and sophisticated look. The overall impression is modern yet minimal. The Scandinavian style shies away from the richness and intricacies of traditional styles and focuses more on the contemporary elements. An ideal Scandinavian interior stems from a focus on functionality, pragmatism and clean, minimal aesthetic. It strives to be as straightforward and as clutter free as possible. Its relative simplicity makes the Scandinavian style a design darling of the contemporary world. Below, we will be observing several elements that make up the Scandinavian style.

The most important basics of Scandinavian style:

1. Wooden floors

The Scandinavian style of interior designing is all about light, breezy spaces. So, to emulate that aesthetic into the floor design, this style requires the use of light colored wood applications. Most Scandinavian style interiors are lined with oak wood or ash wood floors. These provide a qualitative visual dynamic against the otherwise minimal style of the rest of the interior.

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2. Simple furniture

Furniture is a big part of the interior design. It needs to reflect the theme and style of the overall space. The Scandinavian style uses a sleek, modern furniture style which is very simple in aesthetic. Light in color and material, this furniture is used to present a wholesome image that merges seamlessly with the rest of the interior treatment.

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3. Straightforward accessorizing

The décor in Scandinavian style interiors is carried out through the sporadic but strategic placement of various contemporary accessories. These include contemporary portable lamps, clear glass baubles, and simple photo frames.

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4. Smooth surfaces

The overall image of any Scandinavian style interior design is extremely minimal. This means that the design has to be carried out in simple, understated colors and materials. Most designers use smooth laminates of various muted hues on large vertical surfaces throughout the interior

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5. Lots of natural light

Natural light itself is an important feature of this style. The spaces are designed with large windows that let in an ample amount of natural light. This reflects on the light-hued interior and makes the space larger and more austere than it actually is.

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6. Muted colors and accents

The Scandinavian style interior design is comprised of a decidedly muted and understated color palate. This does not however, make the spaces boring or drab. On the contrary, it actually makes them seem spacious, simple and unfussy.

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7. Straight lines

All the basic elements of this style – furniture, windows, and product designs – are carried out in clean cut, straight forward lines. These are extremely defined and lend an authentic integrity to the overall space design.

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8. Functional layout

One of the basic concepts of a good Scandinavian style interior is a focus on the workability of the layout or plan. This functionality makes this style a very pragmatic yet visually desirable commodity in the design market.

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The Scandinavian style showcases an easy, uncomplicated aesthetic that is derived by a combination of several basic design formations. Its unadorned, honest and sophisticated design makes it a hot trend in the market.

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